Proč nosit trička z biobavlny?

Why wear organic cotton t-shirts?

Almost all cotton production is dependent on pesticides obtained from the petrochemical industry. The chemicals are thus contained in the plant, the fiber and finally in the fabric. Residues from these chemicals remain in fabrics even after multiple washes and remain in our environment for many years to come.

The problems with textile production do not end in the field. When converting conventional cotton into clothing and other cotton products, a number of toxic chemicals are added at every stage - silicone waxes, petroleum cleaners, softeners, "brighteners", AZO dyes, heavy metals, ammonia and formaldehyde - to name just a few of the many chemicals . Each of these chemicals affects the individuals who come into contact with them - from farmers to the workers who produce the final products - as well as the surrounding environment.

Wearing t-shirts from 100% organic cotton it's healthier for the environment, for the people who make them, and for the people who wear them.

The best 100% organic cotton t-shirts are manufactured according to strict standards that guarantee:

Organic cotton t-shirts help create healthier soil

Did you know that according to Global Organic Textile Standard growing organic cotton reduces soil erosion by an incredible amount 26% ? The use of agrochemicals for agricultural practices responsible for the production of non-organic cotton creates changes in soil composition that disrupt the natural balance of microorganisms. It is known that the cultivation and processing of conventional cotton is one of the most chemically treated plants, which has a tremendous effect on the soil.

On the other hand, organic farming practices help keep the soil fertile. They help support biodiverse agriculture by stopping the killing of beneficial bacteria that are safe for the environment. Organic farming practices also help to ensure the health of the people and animals that are a natural refuge for these agricultural areas.

A woman in a cotton field collects 100% organic cotton - Zdravé trič

Organic cotton t-shirts help conserve water

Do you know how much water is used to grow cotton? The answer is a significant amount, and buying organic t-shirts can really help reduce that consumption significantly.

According to WWF (worldwide fund for nature conservation) requires the production of one T-shirt from regular cotton approx 2,700 liters of water . One of the reasons why it takes so much water to produce non-organic cotton t-shirts is that approx 73% all the cotton in the world is produced on irrigated land that cannot rely as much on rainfall.

Healthy soil and water conservation go hand in hand. Watering isn't necessarily bad, but overwatering can be problematic. The goal of ecological cotton cultivation is more efficient use of all resources, including water.

The practices behind the production of organic cotton are necessary to preserve an extremely valuable resource for the future of our planet. A resource that is essential to life and is actually in short supply in many places around the world.

Organic farming creates healthier soil that can make better use of natural water resources. Healthier soil can retain water much better, which is a huge plus when it comes to water conservation.

Organic cotton t-shirts are made from non-GMO cotton

"Research shows that organic farming is a good choice for food security and is more sustainable in the long term." - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 38.

Ours Healthy t-shirts are produced from 100% organic cotton without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Chemicals that are used for the treatment and dyeing of cotton are mostly discharged from the factories directly into waste streams without any filtration. It all adds up quickly, given the vast amount of cotton that is produced to meet modern demand.

Organic farming practices that produce cotton without GMOs also help farmers grow other crops that provide them with food and additional income. It is good to see the benefits of organic cotton cultivation, where one advantage leads to another.

Organic cotton T-shirts protect factory workers

It's not just the planet we should be worried about. People in the production of conventional cotton are also at risk.

Many types AZO dyes have been banned or closely monitored in the western world because they are known to cause cancer in people who come into contact with them. Workers who make T-shirts from 100% organic cotton do not face this risk, because their production is the use of AZO dyes is completely prohibited .

Suffering should never be the price of luxury. With organic farming standards that protect the environment, they also protect people by guaranteeing fair wages and safe working conditions. Making the best organic cotton t-shirts requires innovation and manual labor, but it's hard work that pays off.

Did you know that according to Organic Trade Association will thousands of farmers die each year from exposure to toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton processing? These toxic chemicals can cause serious health problems, including cancer.

We care about the people responsible for making our products, and we believe you do too. Supporting organic cotton production is an important step our society must take to help ensure a healthier and better society.

Organic cotton - Zdravé trič

Organic cotton t-shirts protect your skin

As mentioned earlier, many types of AZO dyes have been banned or closely monitored in the Western world because they are known to cause cancer in people who come into contact with them. The production of organic cotton completely prohibits the use of AZO dyes.

By wearing clothes from 100% organic cotton you protect your skin from these harmful dyes. Using an organic cotton t-shirt ensures that your skin does not come into direct contact with the harmful chemicals that are used to clean, process and dye conventionally processed cotton. Contact with these chemicals can weaken your immune system and pose serious health risks such as birth defects and reproductive disorders.

Organic cotton T-shirts protect the well-being of people and animals

The 100% organic cotton t-shirts are made without pesticides or chemicals used to kill insects that eat the fruit. In general, pesticides are effective - sometimes too effective, because they kill more than just pests.

When rainwater "washes" pesticides into local rivers and groundwater sources, it causes fish and animal deaths and serious health complications in humans. Removing pesticides and chemical fertilizers from organic cotton farming practices ensures that waterways and drinking water are safe for the public.

Studies have shown that the negative impact of organic cotton production on water pollution is about 98% lower than non-organic cotton production.

Organic cotton t-shirts help preserve biodiversity

Instead of using pesticides, organic farming controls pests in cooperation with nature. For example, instead of a cloud of chemicals, you can see a flock of birds eating insects that eat crops. This is because organic farming focuses on creating balance. Organic fertilizers used to feed plants also create the right conditions for natural pest hunters and keep the soil fresh so it can be used again and again.

Organic cotton T-shirts help in the fight against climate change

Statistics show that agricultural crop production increases global greenhouse gas emissions every year. Organic farming can actually help eliminate this phenomenon.

Organic cotton production reduces nitrogen inputs and eliminates chemically produced fertilizers and pesticides. In practice, it has been shown that these procedures produce up to o 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the organization Global Organic Textile Standard could organic cotton reduce the overall global warming impact of cotton production by 46% . By using an organic cotton t-shirt, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also supporting the fight against climate change.

Men's t-shirts made of 100% organic cotton

Men's eco clothing made of 100% organic cotton

100 percent organic cotton t-shirts are known for their quality and comfort. A well-fitting t-shirt, made of the purest and highest quality organic cotton, together with precise processing, should not be missing from your wardrobe.

Our customers are always delighted with the softness of cotton.

Women's t-shirts made of 100% organic cotton

Women's eco clothing made of 100% organic cotton

Our customers liked t-shirts with long sleeves, elongated cuts, oversized or slim-fit, all precisely sewn from the purest organic cotton with the strictest certification GOTS :)

Healthy t-shirts are always made of 100% organic cotton . They are durable, pre-shrunk and do not change color, shape or size after washing. All this thanks to the high-quality fabric from hand-picked organic cotton and its top processing. What more can you expect from a great t-shirt?

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