7 důvodů, proč si naše trička ze 100% bio bavlny zamilujete

7 reasons why you will love our 100% organic cotton T-shirts

There is certainly no shortage of shops that sell t-shirts. At Zdravé tríčko, we believe that first-class quality and responsibility can go hand in hand. First-class quality in our presentation means precise processing of organic cotton, durability and softness. For us, responsibility means that neither nature nor people suffered during production animals .

Seven main reasons why our customers liked Healthy T-shirts made of organic cotton:

1. The fabric is extremely soft, strong and breathable

Once you feel the comfort of wearing soft and light organic cotton, you will never want to wear anything else. All T-shirts are extremely soft and strong: they are made of ring-spun and combed organic cotton. Thanks to this cutting-edge processing technology, each organic cotton fiber becomes stronger and softer. They are made to be breathable, so you don't have to worry about excessive sweating during your activities.

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2. Timeless style

No more t-shirts that are too tight, shapeless or have an unflattering fit.
Our t-shirts are made with timelessness in mind. We use classic cuts that have stood the test of time. You'll never have to replace them to keep up with the latest trends.

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3. Our t-shirts are handmade

Our organic cotton t-shirts are hand-sewn. The guarantee of this is that each t-shirt has received proper care and that each t-shirt we send you is checked.

7 reasons why you will love the Healthy organic cotton T-shirt

4. No risk

We hope you will like your new Healthy T-shirt. But if you decide it's not what you were looking for, you can send it back to us free of charge. Shipping and returns are free with us.

5. Healthy T-shirts look great long after purchase

Have you ever felt like you found the perfect t-shirt, only to have it shrink or change shape after the first wash? This is a problem you will not encounter with our T-shirts. Our t-shirts are made to last a really long time. Each one is pre-shrunk and pre-washed, so they'll look just as good after many washes.

6. Our cotton is 100% organic

Our t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, sustainably, without pesticides and GMO seeds. The cotton used is certified GOTS , which means it meets the strictest standards for organic cotton.

7 reasons why you will love the Healthy organic cotton T-shirt

7. Fair treatment

Good for farmers, good for manufacturers, good for the environment and good for you.
A fair approach where everyone wins is one of our key principles.
Our organic cotton uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and do not contain plastic.
T-shirts are made for fair conditions . We support farmers, seamstresses and their community.

7 reasons why you will love the Healthy organic cotton T-shirt

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