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Pořiďte si 2 libovolné kousky a získáte 10% slevu na celou objednávku + dopravu zdarma!

Leave the choice to the recipients

Give a gift card to buy premium organic cotton clothing to your loved ones, friends or family members, with the confidence that they will choose what they really want.

How does it work

  • Select the value of the gift card you wish to purchase.
  • After payment, we will send you a gift card with a unique code by e-mail.
  • You can print the gift card or send it by e-mail to the recipient.
  • The recipient can redeem the gift card within 12 months of its purchase.
  • You can also add the gift card to your Apple Wallet mobile application and easily monitor the financial balance.
  • To find out the remaining credit on the card, do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions about our digital gift cards? We will be happy to answer them for you. Contact us