Size guide of the Healthy T-shirt

Size chart:

  • A size chart/guide with exact dimensions can be found for each product under the available sizes.
  • Our size charts give exact clothing measurements in cm.
  • We recommend that you measure the dimensions of your existing clothes that fit you well and choose the closest possible size according to the size chart.
  • The cut of the T-shirt must also be taken into account when measuring.

Length of the sleeve:

  • The length of the sleeve we specify is measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve.
  • To choose the optimal length of long sleeves, measure the distance from the shoulder joint to the wrist pit.
  • The short sleeve should end approximately halfway up the arm and should wrap around the arm fairly tightly.
Measuring the length of the sleeves of a men's organic cotton T-shirt - Zdravé trič

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Chest circumference:

  • We indicate the circumference of the chest, which we measure 2.5 cm below the armholes.
  • Measure the chest circumference in the plane of the chest in the widest part of the chest (at the level of the nipples).

A perfectly fitting t-shirt does not restrict you in any way, it allows you to move comfortably and you should never feel too tight in it.

Chest circumference measurement - Zdravé trič

T-shirt length:

  • The length of the T-shirt is measured from the top of the collar to the bottom edge of the T-shirt.
  • To choose the optimal t-shirt length, measure the distance from the base of the neck (the highest point of the shoulder) to your hips.

A classic T-shirt should end at the top of the hips. This will ensure that you can raise your arms without exposing your lower torso.

T-shirt length measurement - Zdravé trič

Don't you have a meter with you? We have prepared a tailor's tape measure for you to download here .

If you can't order the right size even with our size guide, you always have the option of an easy exchange for free .