Our vision

Our vision - photos - Jiří and Ondřej

In times of changing trends, we go elsewhere. come with us

The healthy t-shirt is a response to cheap and often low-quality clothing from common materials produced on the basis of the lowest possible costs, without regard to the living conditions of workers and the environment. It is a response to constantly changing trends that force us to change our wardrobe several times a year, thereby constantly increasing our consumption. That's why we decided to take the path of sustainable fashion and bring you quality and timeless pieces made of extremely fine organic cotton , which will make you feel and look great and which will last you for many seasons.

Responsible from seed to packaging

Because we care that the entire production process is friendly not only to nature, but also to the animals and people behind the production, our products meet the strictest international certifications - GOTS , Fair Wear and PETA - Approved Vegan . For all pieces, you can be sure that no chemicals were used during production - from the seed, through cultivation, harvesting, processing, finishing touches to the final product. All workers from farmers to manufacturing workers worked in a safe environment and were fairly compensated for their work. We also carefully pack all the pieces before sending them to your home in recycled materials that are easily decomposable and environmentally friendly.

Together we change the world for the better

We believe that it is you who have the power to change something . You have the choice between fair trade clothes made from the purest natural materials with certification and clothes made of conventional cotton and synthetic fibers, the price of which does not include the tax for the devastation of the environment and human lives. Choosing a Healthy T-shirt is not just an investment in better clothes. It is also an investment in water protection, cleaner air, better soil and the living conditions of workers, including their families. Each of your orders is thus a contribution to a healthier planet and a more pleasant place for us and our children to live .

On the way to continuous progress

We do everything to make Zdravé t-shirt products your everyday choice . So that they last for many seasons without changing their shape or color, and you always reach for them with the certainty that they will provide you with an endless feeling of comfort , whether you go for sports, to work or to a party with friends. In order to be able to fulfill our commitment, we try to listen to your requests and needs as much as possible .

You are our success

Our greatest success is you, satisfied customers , who keep coming back to us and recommending us to their friends and acquaintances. You are our driving force on the way to a more sustainable fashion and life. You are proof that what we do makes sense.

Thank you for your patronage!

Signature - Jiří and Ondřej