Luxury eco packaging

Ecological and gift packaging of clothes made of organic cotton, a box with a white background - Zdravé trič

You will receive new pieces of soft organic cotton from us beautifully wrapped and scented with lavender.

We place high demands not only on the organic cotton clothing contained in the box, but also on ecological packaging, which is no less important on our way to reducing our ecological footprint.

A responsible approach accompanies us through the entire process, from the cultivation and processing of organic cotton to the packaging of the final products.

Luxury eco packaging

FSC certified packaging

The FSC certificate guarantees that our packaging has been made from materials coming from sustainable sources and has been obtained from forests in an economical way.

Packaging that is environmentally friendly

The box is made of corrugated cardboard, which is made from 90% recycled content.


When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, the box breaks down into natural elements.


It decomposes into natural elements and does not leave the soil toxic.

Printed with vegetable ink

The boxes are digitally printed with water-based ink.

Luxury eco packaging fsc certification


Transparency in packaging production thanks to FSC

We have joined forces with an FSC certified supplier to confirm the ecological origin of our packaging through appropriate certification. Learn more about the certification below.

Certificate fsc symbol

Advantages of FSC certification:

Certificate fsc people icon

FSC's activities support small farmers and indigenous peoples

Certificate fsc icon trees

Globally known sustainability certification

Certificate fsc icon materials

Provides detailed information about the source of the packaging material

Certificate fsc diversity

FSC guarantees a high degree of nature protection in endangered forests

fsc afforestation certificate

FSC extends the idea of ​​sustainable management in forested areas

Certificate fsc protection icon

FSC-certified packaging is proof of our responsible approach to nature