ECONYL® - regenerated nylon yarn

Econyl - regenerated nylon yarn - material of organic cotton clothing store Zdravé trič

The ECONYL® brand is not just a yarn, it represents a new way of thinking, a way to reconcile the desire for innovation with the company's constant commitment to protect the environment. The ECONYL® regeneration process transforms what was waste into a new resource with potential uses in the fashion and furniture industries. In fact, nylon waste, such as fishing nets that can no longer be used or textile production residues normally destined for disposal, is recovered and transformed into a new yarn that has the same properties as nylon made from virgin raw material.

Econyl - regenerated nylon yarn from used fishing nets - organic cotton clothing store material Zdravé trič


To make Econyl, waste products such as reclaimed fishing nets are first taken to a pre-treatment facility where they are sorted and crushed into pieces small enough to be processed through the ECONYL® process. The crushed material is then moved to a regeneration plant, where they are placed in huge chemical reactors which, through a process of de- and re-polymerization, break down the components of the material and regenerate polyamide 6. The final product is then processed into yarn.


ECONYL® is a great ecological material. By using derelict fishing nets, it helps clean up the seas, where entanglement in derelict nets causes the death of many thousands of whales, dolphins and other marine life every year. For every 10,000 tons of raw materials recycled into Econyl, 70,000 barrels of oil are saved and 57,000 tons of CO2 emissions are avoided compared to traditional production methods. ECONYL® yarn can be recycled endlessly without losing quality, supporting the vision of a sustainable fashion industry.


What exactly makes ECONYL® yarn so sustainable? When working with ECONYL® nylon, sustainability manifests itself in various forms, starting with an innovative solution for waste reduction or rather its processing. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is more climate-friendly. Reusing nylon to make a sustainable material reduces nylon's global warming impact by 90 percent compared to material made from petroleum. In terms of quality, ECONYL® fiber is in no way inferior to conventional nylon. Even better: ECONYL® yarns can be recycled and reshaped - again and again without losing quality.


As ECONYL® has all the properties of traditionally produced nylon 6, it has an equally wide range of uses. In the clothing industry, ECONYL® is mainly used in clothing such as socks , swimwear, underwear and sportswear.

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