PETA - Approved Vegan certification - suffering-free clothing suitable for vegans as well

Peta Approved Vegan certificate logo - certification of organic cotton clothing produced without animal suffering The PETA - Approved Vegan certification guarantees that the clothes do not contain any animal ingredients and that no animals suffered during production. This is another step towards sustainable and responsible production.

We are proud that all organic cotton products at they hold the PETA - Approved Vegan certificate and are therefore suitable for vegans.


PETA is an animal rights organization and as such rejects species superiority and fights against the exploitation and abuse of animals in any way. It educates legislators and the general public about animal abuse, and also promotes understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect. PETA promotes veganism, seeks to change the treatment of farm animals in slaughterhouses, sends activists undercover to research labs, circuses and farms, places animals formerly used for entertainment in sanctuaries, and sues companies that refuse to change their existing practices regarding the treatment of animals.

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