Kolik můžeme ušetřit volbou jednoho trička z bio bavlny?

How much can we save by choosing one organic cotton t-shirt?

By choosing ecologically grown and processed organic cotton, the consumption of water, energy, emissions of carbon dioxide and chemicals can be reduced.

You can see the potential for reducing the environmental impact of one organic cotton t-shirt in the image below.

It may not seem like a lot, but on a global scale, where around 70 billion pieces of clothing are produced from conventional cotton, the numbers are enormous.

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Savings compared to a regular cotton t-shirt of the same weight

Healthy T-shirt - the possibility of saving energy, agrochemicals and CO2 emissions

Organic cotton production uses significantly less fossil fuels than conventional production. The results of a recent life cycle assessment of organic cotton revealed that carbon dioxide emissions (CO 2 eq.) are on average 46% lower than CO 2 emissions equivalent to conventional cotton production. This is mainly due to the limited use of chemical inputs in organic production and the fact that the vast majority of organic cotton is produced by small farmers in developing countries who farm by hand instead of using machinery and irrigation systems.

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The good news is that the demand for organic cotton is growing year by year and more and more companies are committed to using organic cotton.

Try to calculate what the savings would be if you changed your wardrobe.

Other benefits of our T-shirts are:

Quality - our t-shirts are made from first-class materials 100% organic cotton , which is softer, more breathable and no chemicals were used in its production or cultivation.

Endurance - precise handmade production from combed organic cotton, which is extremely durable. This means they will last much longer than cheaper alternatives.

Sustainability - clothes produced without the suffering of people, animals and nature - sustainably in accordance with fair trade . Suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers. The strictest GOTS certification guarantees the highest purity of organic cotton, ethical and ecological production.

By purchasing quality and sustainably produced clothing that is more durable, you will reduce waste and the cost of purchasing new clothing, saving money and the environment in the long run.

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