Historie trička - co o něm možná nevíte

T-shirt history - what you might not know about it

Today, the T-shirt as such is an integral part of our everyday wardrobe. They come in a variety of styles and colors to meet today's high demands. It can be a classic versatile cut or a very unusual and controversial one. It is suitable for both everyday wear and less formal occasions.

The beginning of the t-shirt

While today t-shirts are trendy and serve as outerwear, it wasn't always that way. This garment was originally made of wool or silk. T-shirts were designed to absorb sweat well and act as a barrier to protect the outer garment from getting dirty. It got its name T-shirt (in English) from the cut, reminiscent of the letter T - body with attached sleeves.

Underwear - T-shirt history

However, during the industrial revolution, significant progress was made and t-shirts began to be woven from cotton. It became more breathable and comfortable, but it was far from its present form.

During the 19th century it was still worn under clothing and as outerwear it was mainly worn by miners and dock workers at work.

Miner of history t-shirt

At the turn of the 20th century, the US Navy wore it under their uniform. Soldiers, sailors or marines often fought in areas with high temperatures, so they took off their uniforms and kept only their T-shirts. T-shirts as underwear were available to the general public. It was comfortable, cheap and easy to maintain. They were accepted by both farmers, workers of all kinds, and sports enthusiasts.
In the 1940s, it became very popular among young boys who did not yet have to adhere to such strict dress codes as older men.

Army History T-Shirt

The Rise of the T-Shirt - 50's - 60's

After the Second World War, t-shirts were popularly worn as outerwear especially by veterans during their leisure activities and small jobs. It was only in the 1950s that t-shirts and singlets became popular as separate outerwear. T-shirts were also made famous by the actor Marlon Brando in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire.

Marlon Brando history t-shirt

T-shirts thus gained more attention and became fashionable clothing. Perhaps the earliest printed slogan was "Dew-It with Dewey" in 1948, which was printed by Governor Thomas E. Dewey during his campaign.
In the 1960s, printing appeared. And the decade of the modern trend of bright colors and different patterns began.
T-shirts have become an excellent means of personal expression. Subsequent advances in screen printing brought a new wave in the form of graphic prints. T-shirts featured prints from bands to political slogans.

Screen printing history t-shirt

The Rise of the Printed T-Shirt - 70's - 80's

In the 1970s and 1980s, printed t-shirts were on the rise. Along with the growth in demand, new methods were invented to facilitate printing such as: transfer printing. Shopping malls began to emerge where people could have a print made on the spot. More and more musicians and companies saw t-shirts as a good and powerful tool to sell their brand.

T-shirt currently

T-shirts are currently more modern and fashionable than ever. They have unlimited options for cuts, colors and patterns. There are no limits to imagination in this area. The production process is now more modern and faster.
During its history, the t-shirt has therefore undergone several major changes, mainly in the way of processing, the choice of material, and also in how it was received - from the beginning, a part of clothing that was intended exclusively for wearing under outerwear, to the most common outerwear.

The problem we face

The problem with conventional cotton production is that conventional cotton is produced at the lowest possible cost and does not take into account the social or environmental impact of its production. The conventional textile industry is among the biggest polluters of our planet. When growing and processing conventional cotton, a huge amount of chemicals are used, the residues of which are found in the final product and are released into our body through the skin.

We do it differently and better - responsibly and cleanly fromthe seed to the packaging .

History of T-shirts - Zdravé tričko.cz

The best organic cotton clothing today is made in accordance with fair trade from organic cotton, during the processing of which no chemicals were used, and it holds the strictest GOTS certification.
The clothes are also suitable for vegans , allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

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